Send SMS Campaigns
🌍 Globally + 🫰 Cheaper

Send precisely targeted marketing SMS to over 30 countries at an unbeatable price.

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Target powerful Klaviyo lists and segments

Easily target your contacts for highly effective SMS campaigns. Leverage the power of your Klaviyo segments through seamless integration with BuzzBlaster.

Not using Klaviyo? Connect your store instead.

Connect BuzzBlaster to your existing store platform and effortlessly start sending targeted SMS marketing campaigns to both your customers and prospects.

Drive Conversions with Perfectly Timed, Multilingual SMS Campaigns

Leverage the industry's most sophisticated multilingual messaging tool for seamless, professional global communication.

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Create and translate SMS messages effortlessly

Crafting the perfect SMS message has never been easier. Our advanced SMS message composer provides a user-friendly interface to create, customize, translate and optimize your messages effortlessly.

Optimize your marketing costs and improve ROI

Benefit from our competitive SMS pricing and advanced automatic optimization to cut costs dramatically, all while maintaining the integrity of your messages.

Build your brand with every message

Enhance your brand presence by using personalized sender names and unique short links in every SMS campaign.

Take your SMS marketing to new heights with BuzzBlaster

Precisely Targeted SMS Campaigns
Effortlessly send personalized SMS messages to your Klaviyo segments and lists.
Global Reach
Expand your communication by sending messages to over 30 countries.
Cost Optimization
Automatically reduce costs with our advanced optimization tools.
Multilingual SMS Composer
Craft SMS messages in multiple languages with a live preview feature.
Branded Messaging
Enhance professionalism with branded links and customized SMS sender options.
Smart Sending
Take advantage of intelligent sending features, including Do Not Disturb (DND) mode.
Easily track your campaigns with automatic UTM parameter generation.
Link Shortening
Simplify your messages by automatically shortening links.
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